Creating Bidah (new things) in Islam

Bidah or Bidat in Islamic context  means inventing any new thing In Islam that is not a part of Islam and not proved from Rasool Allah saw. Some of the present times Bidah,s are Doing Qul on someone,s deaths, Uras, Dhamal, Qawali, Noha, Shrines, etc. People has created many Bidah,s that are not proved from our Beloved Prophet Saw but the people gives them even more importance then parts of Islam. for example some people will must celebrate the Uras of a Peer every year whether they offer Prayer or not.

In our part of world Pakistan, India etc people are very much involved in Bidah,s. Lets see what our beloved Prophet Saw said about creating Bidah in Islam. Rasool Allah saw said whoever invents any new thing in Islam is not from us. there are several hadith telling not to create any new thing in Islam. on day of Hiaj tul Vida Rasool Allah saw said today the deen is completed for you.

so the Hadiths of Rasool Allah saw are making it clear to not create Bidah,s in Islam otherwise that person has nothing to do with Islam. May Allah Swt save us from Bidah,s and help us in following the Sunnah.

in below video a Moulana is doing wrong definition of Bidah may Allah Saw give him Hidaya.

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