6 African Boxers Accepts Islam on Pakistan Tour

6 African Boxers that are on Pakistani Tour these days for Boxing Championship has accepted Islam today in Karachi. They have accepted because they where highly impressed by  Pakistani and Muslim Culture and how they where treated in Pakistan. After it they decided to Accept Islam and said the Shahadah today in a Ceremony held in a local hotel.

All 6 boxers are of Christian faith and they had no intention of accepting the Islam before Pakistan visit. They told that Islamic brotherhood and equality really impressed them. Black white poor rich all are equal in Islam. Boxers said that how they where treated in Pakistan really impressed them. nobody cared about their skin colors and greeted and welcomed them with open hearts.

They said that Western Media is spreading wrong Propaganda against Islam and Pakistan and even we have some wrong thinking's about Islam and Pakistan before coming here which are vanished away now. Islam is a religion of Peace and against killing of innocents. its an second amazing news from boxing world in 15 days few days ago Muslim Boxer Aamir Khan Defeated Israeli Boxer Dimitry Salita in one round. May Allah Swt give reward to these brothers and help them in following the Islam.
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