15 Very Beautiful Mosques Masjids of The World

Mosque or Masjid is The Holy Place of Worship For Muslims where they offer Prayer Salaah. There are Millions of Mosques around the World where Muslims goes to Worship everyday. Most Important Mosque for Muslims in The World is Masjid Haram That is In Makkah and Kaabah is also in this Mosque. Below I am going to share with you15 Very Beautiful Mosques of The World.

1 Masjid Al Haram - Masjid Al Haram is in Makkah and it is most important Worship Place For Muslims in the world. Kaabah the Qibla of Muslims also also in this Mosque.

2 Masjid Nabawi - Masjid Nabawi is in Madina and it is second Most Important Religious Place For Muslims. Prophet Muhammad PBUH is also buried in this Mosque.

3 Fasil Masjid - Fasil Masjid is in Pakistani Captain Islamabad. Its a Huge Beautiful Mosque.

4 Brunei Mosque - This Masjid is in Brunei.

5 Bolkiah Masjid of Brunei

6 Jumeirah Mosque of Dubai

7  Putra Mosque of Malaysia

8 Shaikh Zayed Mosque of UAE

9 Blue Mosque of Turkey

10 Golden Mosque of Singapore

11 Shahjahan Mosque of Pakistan

12 Badshahi Mosque of Pakistan

13 North America Mosque

14 Alnour Mosque of Sharjah

15  Masjid Sultan of Singapore

These where 15 Very Beautiful Mosques in different parts of World and my Favourite one in these after Masjid Haram and Masjid Nabwi is Fasil Masjid of Pakistan. There are many other Beautiful Mosques as well in the world which i will share with you in future.
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