Holy Ramadan of 2010 Is Few Days Away

Ramadan is 9th and Most Important Islamic Month for the Muslims in 12 Islamic Months. Ramadan is a month of Blessings in which Muslims Fasts From Eating and Drinking from Sun Rise to Sun Set. In Ramadan Muslims also tries to stay away from all the sins which works as a practice for them for other remaining 11 Months. Fast is not just staying away from Eating and Drinking but also staying away from all the sins and not harming others with your Tongue or with your hands. According to an Hadith a person who don,t eat and drink in Fast but continues to harm others with his Tongue and Hands actually he is not Fasting.

Allah Swt has told us about Fasting in Ramadan on several places in Holy Quran. Allah Swt says O you who believe Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may become the pious. It is obligatory for every Healthful Muslims to Fast in the month of Ramadan. Fasting in Ramadan is a great Virtue Near Allah Swt. Allah Swt says in the Holy Quran Fast is for me and i will give its Ajar. In the Month of Ramadan the Ajar of Every Virtue is increased 70 Times. According to an Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Saw one Fast in Month of Ramadan is equal to Fasting for whole rest of life. The Holy Month of Ramadan in 2010 is just few days away from us now and Muslims have started Preparation for Ramadan. 1st Ramadan in Pakistan will be on 13th or 14th of August while in Saudi Arabia around 12th of August. As i mentioned above Fasting in Ramadan is a great Virtue but Fasting has many other benefits as well. Fasting in Ramadan is good for health specially Stomach. In Ramadan Tasty Foods are made for the Iftar time and whole family Keeps and Opens the Fast by eating together. May Allah Swt help us all to Fast in Month of Ramadan.
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