Islamic Month of Ramadan Started Around the World

The Month of Blessings The Month of Fasting Holy Ramadan has started Today Around The World From Saudi Arabia To Pakistan and From Malaysia to Ghana. Today on 11th August 2010 it was 1st Ramadan in Saudi Arabia and Many other Arab Countries while In South Asian Countries like Pakistan and India the Moon of Ramadan has appeared today so 1st Ramadan in South Asia Will be on 12th of August 2010. If You are Looking to Check The Sehri and Iftar Time of Any City of the World For Ramadan You Can Click Here.

After Watching the Moon of Ramadan Here in Pakistan the People has started Preparation For Tomorrow's First Fast. Women are arranging things to Make Foods For Sehri and Iftar while Men have gone to Mosques For offering Taraweeh Prayer.  Ramadan is the Most Important Islamic Months in which Muslims Around the World Fasts From Sun Rise To Sun Set and Tries to do Good Deeds to Get Blessings of Allah Swt. in this Holy Month the Doors of Heaven are opened while Doors of Hell are closed. In this Holy Month The Ajar of Every Virtue is increased 70 Times By Allah Swt. In This Holy Month The Ajar of giving Charity is also increased Very much. At Present Millions of People of Pakistan are facing Worst Ever Floods so it is a Golden Chance for Everyone to Get Maximum Ajar by Helping these People in the Holy Month of Ramadan. May Allah Swt help us to Fast and do good deeds in the Blessed Month.
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