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Hundreds of Issues Comes in our Daily Lives about which we like to Know Islamic Point of View? About Many Things we Like To Know that Whether They Are Halal Or Haram From Islamic Point of View in Light of Quran and Hadeeth? Like Working in Bank Is Haram Or Halal? Using a  Perfume Having Alcohol Is Halal Or Haram? 

Same way we want to know about performing different things according to Islamic Guidelines. For Example We Like To Know How to offer Funeral Prayer According To Sunnah? How To Do Gusal According To Sunnah? In Short There are Thousands of Matters about Which we want to Know Islamic Point of View that Is According to Quran and Hadith. In the Past People use to ask Such Questions from Scholars of their Local Mosque but these days Everyone has Internet and its very easy to Know about any Islamic issue in Minutes online. There Are Many Amazing Islamic Websites that are Answering your Every Islamic Question in Light of Quran And Sunnah. Following I am going to Share some of these Websites where you cannot get answers on any Islamic Issue?

1 Islam-QA It Is the Best Islamic Website online to Ask Questions and Take Fatwas on Any Islamic Issues in Light of Quran and Hadith. You Can Send Your Question To Them and They will Publish its Answer on their Website in detail with References From Quran and Hadith.

2 Sunni Path As Its Name Is Explaining on This Website Muslims of Ahle Sunnah Maslik Can Get Answers of Their Questions From Ahle Sunnah Scholars.

3 Darul Ifta Deo Band  Its Website of Darul Ifta Deo Band and You can get answers of your Islamic Questions from Deo Bandi Scholars.

4 Mufti Says Its Another Amazing Islamic Website where you can take online Fatwas from Muftis on any Issue.

So These are Four Amazing Website That you Can try for Islamic QA and they will give Answers to all of your Questions. My Favourite one in these sites is First Website Islam-qa.com because they always gives Answer in details with References from Quran and Hadith and Quickly.
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