List of Some Great Muslim Personalities

Millions of Great Muslims have born in the Long history of Islam that changed the world with their Characters and following the Way of Prophet Muhammad Saw. These People Practically Followed the Way of Islam told by beloved Prophet Muhammad Saw instead of just giving Lectures of doing good works and as a result they given great benefits to this World..

Millions of Great Muslim Scholars, Writers, Scientists, Thinkers, Poets Leaders have came to this World that served the Humanity in whichever Field they where.Today I am Going to Mention some of these Great Muslim Personalities that i Like Very Much. Following are these great Muslims Personalities.

1 Jabir Ibn Hayyan = He Was One of the Greatest Scientist Ever Born. He is also Known as the Father of Chemistry.
2 Ibn Sina = He is Known as the Doctors of The Doctors. He Given A Lot of Things To The Field of Medical.
3 Ibn Khaldun = He Was  Father of Sociology and Sciences of History.
4  Salah Ud Ayubi = He Was one of The Greatest Mujahid of Islamic History. He Defeated the Crusades to Liberate Masjid Aqsa.
5 Abd ar-Rahman I = During His Time The Muslim Spain was the most Developed Country of the World. It was a time when West Was In its Worst Darkness.
6 Allama Iqbal = Allama Iqbal was one of the Greatest Muslim Poet Ever Born. He Was Born in Indian Subcontinent and he played a major role in Liberating India from The British Role.
7 Shaikh Ahmed Deedat = Shaikh Deedat Was on of the Best Muslim Scholar of his time. He Spread the Message of Islam to Non Muslims World and Millions of Non Muslims Accepted Islam Due to His Dawah.
8 Tariq Ibn Ziyad = He Was Also a Great Mujahid Of Islam From Berber. Conquest of Visigothic Hispania in 711 Was Lead By Him.
9 Tipu Sultan = He Was Ruler of India State  Mysore Who Fought Bravely To Liberate India From British Rule.
10 Muhammad Ali = He Was The Best Boxer Even Born.
11 Yusuf Islam = Yusuf Islm Is a Converted Muslim Who Was A Famous Singer Before Known As Cat Stevens. He Is Now a Famous Humanitarian and Philanthropis.

These are Eleven Great Muslim Personalities That are My Favourite. May Allah Swt help us all to follow the Path of these Great Muslims.
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