Some Basic Islamic Beliefs

Every Religion of the World keeps some Beliefs in which the Followers of that Religion Believes. For Example Christians Believes Jesus Christ To Be Son of God While Hindu Believes in Many Gods and Buddhist Believes Buddha to be God.

Same Way there are Islamic Beliefs as well that are Described in Quran and Hadith. Following i am going to Describe some of the Basic Islamic Beliefs in short. Muslim Believes that there is only one God that is Known as Allah and with many other names like Rehman, Raheem Rab etc. There is no Picture, Photo or Idol of Allah and Allah is Unique. Allah has created this World and we should Worship him alone.

Muslims also believes in Prophets like Moses, Jesus, David and Muhammad Saw. According to Islam the Message of the the Prophets was same that God is one Worship him alone and stay Peacefully in this World. Muslims also believes Jesus Christ as a Prophet of God to whom Christians believes to be son of God. Muslims also Believes in Angles.

Muslims Also Believes in Scriptures given to different Prophets By God like Torah, Zabor, Anjeel and Quran. Muslims also believes in Day of Judgement. According to Islam this Life is a Test For Hereafter. If you will do good deeds in this World You will go to Paradise in Hereafter and if you will do bad deeds you will Go to Hell on Day of Judgement. So these are some of the Basic Islamic Beliefs that i tried to Describe in a short Article. May Allah Swt help us in following these Beliefs by our Hearts.
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