Feeling Peace & Satisfaction After offering Salaah Namaz

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Do You Feel Peace and Satisfaction after offering the Namaz Prayer?
yes brother...and i personally feel more after maghrib prayer.
Whenever I finish my prayer the 1st thought comes in my mind that" I failed to offer another prayer with Khushu.
Yes ,when I perform it right way and do all the Duas taught by the Prophet (SAW) after the salaah i do feel a special feeling in my heart and experience a great deal of satisfaction and serenity.
but the unfortunate thing is that it does not happen always Cos sometimes we all are in a state of Ghafla that makes us devoid to enjoy the beauty of the experience that we derive from the benefit of Salah
NAMAJ is only way to make ourselves very peaceful in our life. Nothing can make our life easier except NAMAJ.
Abdul Baseer.
wallah... there is no better feeling than doing sujood to Allah and standing in prayer in the masjid but an immense and tremendous satisfaction is felt when one finishes his prayer and comes out of the masjid. The heart gets so light... so spiritual.. so purified.. and many other tremendous feelings.. And this peace can NEVER be bought even if the wealth of the world is invested in getting it.. :) Allahu Akbar
Umme Hany
Ofcourse I feel happy in prostrating before our Creator and showing my appreciation to Him; happy that I am fulfilling one of my duties. Salah does leave peace in my mind. But we have to be careful not to feel proud of ourselves, or confident that all our sins are being wiped away. We offer Salah out of humility and obedience to Allah. Depends on what you mean by satisfaction brother.
yes, i really feel satisfied, and a strong feeling that i am on d right path.
When i offer Namaz with Concentration it gives me lot of Peace. i feel i don,t need anything more from this life. while offering Namaz we should Concentrate on the meaning what we are reading it will bring Khashu in your Namaz.
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