Do You Remember Your First Ramadan Fast In Childhood?

Do You Remember Your First Fast of Life? How was it and did you completed it or Eaten Something during the Fast?

I Eaten Banana in my first Fast i Remember in afternoon.  I was not able to Complete it without eating. That Time My age was 6.

yes, if my memory serves right, i remember eating date in iftaar..ahh, and also eating some fruits along with that..finally, last but not least, drinking water although not sure if it was cold or not..did i miss something?;p

i think i ate Chicken at 10:00 AM :P
and that also hiding from everyone on the top of Cupboard LOL.

OK now don,t disclose much...our younger bro sis may get inspired
and even to say ones sins in public just for discussion is prohibited in Islam..
Ask forgiveness from Allah ..and try to keep one more Fast for that fast u had nullified.

What sin at age of 5,6,7????
Brother we are talking about First Fast at Childhood.

Muhammad Aslam
i was garlanded n had receive lots of money in hadiya! ......hahaha
gr8 fun it was.

yep i remember my first fast .
i was 8 years old or may be 7. and I DINT EAT NOTHING. i was so happy for my first fast. and i was feeling like SMTHING. on dino 5 bajy roza aftar hota thaa. ami ney kafe cheezyn banaye thein BUT i ate TUC biscuits :D. and before aftrai mein ney ami koh mater (pea) keh dane nikal ker deay they lol. and my first was the BEST-EST fast of my life.

ohh! my memory is very bad ,
i dont even remember what i ate yesterday in iftar :D   

ghuraba, DON'T U EVN THINK OF SAYING THIS WHN ASKED ABT UR WIFE AND KIDS, u know what i mean...lol

Zaheer Pathan...
when i was 7 yrs old i kept two 2 fast in single day
one is from subah sadique to zuhar
then started next one from zuhar to Maghrib
then some one told me u get 70 nekis for every fasting.
then i started keeping fast regularly till zuhar ye soch kar ke 70 nahi to 35 to mil hi jayegi na.

Simply noor
my first ramdan i remember!
ramdan ws in summer on those days!
during my first roza i ws playing outside and entered house and drank a lot of water! it was after duhr i guess! when my ammiji made me remember about roza...i cried like anything!
thts y i remember!
at tht time i ws only 5 yr old...bt i remember!
and b4 that i used to fast frm one side of my mouth!

Khan Ali
i fasted for the first time
i was in 6 years or so
it was saturday
i was really in terrible shape by 3 pm
my dad n mum consoled me alot
no function etc was done
it was normal iftar
actually fasting in our zone is very tough as its very hot ul get dehydrated very fast
now in bangalore, i never felt tht m fasting :)

I remember I completed it...
...but I also remember there was something interesting in the fridge I wanted to eat, but my mom said not now, and I wasn't happy. It was only a few minutes later I realized it was because I was fasting, and then waited till iftar to eat it.

Salman Ahmed
I dont aactly remember k kab rakha tha but I think my age was under 10,and yeah Complete rakha tha No cheating.Hum bhaiyoon mai Roza Farz honay se pehlay , sab se pehlay aur sab se zyada Rozay bhi mai ne hi rakhay thay.
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