Islamic Hadiths to teach your Kid at age 7

After Sharing the Islamic Hadiths to teach your Kids at age of 4,5 and 6 today in past months today i am going to share the Islamic Hadiths to teach your Kid at the age of Seven. These Hadiths are taken from the Islamic Book "The Journey of Light" that contains Hadith for the Kids of Different age. By teaching these Hadiths to your Kids you will be able to provide them the Islamic Guidelines of living the life. Following are the Hadiths to teach your Kid at age of 7.

1 A Person who truly believes that there is no God but Allah Swt will enter Paradise.
2 Remember Allah Swt in Good times Allah will help you in difficulties.
3 A Person who spends in way of Allah gets seven hundred times more Sawab.
4 Read Holy Quran with your voice no doubt good voice increase the beauty of Quran.
5 Don,t watch towards Sky while offering the Salaah Prayer.
6 Abusing your parents is one of the biggest sin.
7 When anyone of you Wear Shoes he should start from right foot.
8 Doubled face person will enter into Hell.
9 While Listening the Adhan say the same as Mozan says.
10 A Person who want to be happy on day of Judgement should do more Astaghfar.
11 A Person who fulfills needs of  his brother Allah Swt fulfills his needs.
12 Hell is Haram on the person who is Polite, Forgiving and lives near other people.
13 A Person who will lie about Prophet Muhammad Saw will enter Hell.
14 Do You Know What is Geebat? Talking about someone in a way that you don,t like about Yourself.
15 A Person who goes towards Mosque from his house on each step he get a Virtue and on each step his one sin is removed.
16 A Person who is polite is given goodness and a person who is away from Politeness is away from Goodness.
17 One Should take care of his Mother the most in this World and after her your Father.

So these where some of the Hadiths that every parent should teach to their Kids so that they learn good Islamic manners and implement them in their Life.
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