Islam and Co-Education

Today my topic is a very interesting one and i am often asked about it by many youngsters and Patents that does Islam allows Co-Education system (Joint Education system for Girls and Boys) or not? First of all we need to understand that Islam gives great importance to Morals and to Chasity and Modesty in the Society. For this purpose Islam wants lot of cautiousness when dealing with the people from opposite sex. For this purpose Islam gives us some Guidelines such as Hijab, Lowering your Gaze and avoiding Free Mixing. Islamic Laws are given to us by Allah Swt who knows better than anyone that what is good for humans and what is bad?

There is a Natural attraction between Male and Female. Female by nature is desire to be looked at adored as well as cherished. on other hand Male is inclined to look at female. So therefore Allah Swt has warned us against our own nature and told to take some necessary safeguards that i have told above already. As Far as Education is concerned it is the right of every Male and Female to get Education and its a Virtue to get Education. But if we talk about Co-Education is completely Haram according to Islamic Guidelines and it causes many harms.

I will like to mention some of the Harms of Co-Education below. In Co-Education Boys and Girls Concentrate on each other more as compare to studies. Co-Education can take Girls and Boys to Haram ways of Zina. Co-Education can effect the studies. There are many other Harms that Co-Education causes. If in any cause it is necessary to get Co-Education following steps should be followed. Girls should wear modest Cloths. Girls and Boys should sit separately. An Hurdle like big cloth should be arranged between Girls and Boys so that they don,t see each other. So these where some tips i wanted to share about Co-Education. Parents should try to send their Kids to institutions that don,t have Co-Education to save themselves from wrong paths. May Allah Swt help us in getting Education for good purposes.
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