6 Best Islamic Websites on Internet

Today Internet is reaching Millions of people around the World and its usage has increased rapidly in every part of the world in last few years. According to different reports Internet will also be media of future as its users are increasing very fast and soon it will takeover TV Channels as main media. When Internet started becoming popular in the world many Anti Islamic Elements launched lot of Anti Islamic websites to spread hatred and wrong information against Islam and Muslims.Watching this situation many Muslims also came in this field and launched some amazing Islamic websites to present true picture of Islam on internet in front of the world. Today Alhamdulilah there are thousands of amazing Islamic websites running online and giving the real message of Islam. Following i am going to share some of the best Islamic Websites that are present on the web.

1 Islam online : Its an amazing Islamic websites where you will find lot of things about Islam and Muslims. Here you will find News of Muslims World, Articles and Lectures about Islam and Islamic Radio.
2 Islam QA : Its another amazing Islamic website where you can find answer about any issue related to Islam. You can also take online Fatwa on any issue on this website.
3 IRF : This is the website of Islamic Research Foundation the organization of Dr Zakir Naik. Here you will find all the information about Islam and comparative religions.
4 Islam : It was the First Islamic website ever launched on Internet 17 years ago from now. Today it is one of the most visited Islamic website. Here also you will find wide range of information about Islam.
5 Iqra Sense : It is the most famous Islamic Blog available on the internet. Here you can find articles on Islam.
6 Mujahideen Ryder : This amazing Islamic blog is of a Muslim youngster Meer. Here you can find large number of Islamic Articles on different issues.

So these where 6 amazing Islamic websites that i wanted to share with you. you must also visit these sites because these are full of amazing content about Islam and comparative religions. May Allah Swt help us in understanding the true message of Islam.
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