Islam The Most Peaceful Religion

Today the word Islam is used mostly with words like terrorism, Violence, Al Qaeda and Muslims are presented as the terrorists in mainstream media. Islam Haters Quotes Quran Verses out of context and Changes their meaning to show that Islam is not a peaceful religion. Word Jihad is connected with Terrorism. Lets see does Islam really Promotes Terrorism or Islam is a Peaceful religion? According to me Islam is the most Peaceful religion of the word that not only talks about Peace but also guides us how to bring Peace in the world. If we talk about the word Islam itself it comes from the Arabic root word Sulm and its meaning is Peace.

Now I will quote some Verses of Quran and Hadith of Prophet Muhammad Saw regarding Peace and against terrorism. Allah Swt says in Holy Quran "whoever kills an single innocent it is as if he has killed the whole mankind and whoever saves a single human it is as he has saved the whole of humanity. Killing an innocent person is included in seven biggest sings according to Islam. According to a Hadith of Prophet Saw if a War takes place it is forbidden to kill  Kids, Women, Old People and destroying fields. There are hundreds of such other Quran Verses and Hadiths of Prophet Saw that speaks against Terrorism and Peace. You can see above Verse of the Quran calls Killing of a single innocent person as killing of whole Humanity while above Hadith Forbids Killing Kids, Women, Old Man even if a War takes place. Now My Question is that which other religion calls Killing a single innocent Human as killing the whole humanity and which other religion stops from killing Kids, Women and Old man even in war? It is only Islam. This is why i Call Islam the most Peaceful religions of the World.  Now another question that will come in minds of many people that if Islam Is a Peaceful religion then why it talks about Jihad? To get the answer of this question you will have to understand the meaning of Jihad. Jihad means to struggle against injustice. Jihad does not mean killing innocent Humans. Even Bible and Veda talks about struggling against injustice.  Islam never allows Killing any innocent human and killing any innocent human is completely forbidden in Islam. May Allah Swt help us all in understanding the Islam correctly.
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