Try Muslim Social Networking Websites

After Invention of Internet almost after every short time New Interesting things keeps on coming on the internet. in the past we seen that Chatting Messengers, Youtube and Forums got lot of popularity. In the last two three years the Social Networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and Myspace has got lot of popularity online and Millions of People are using these Social Networking website. Social Networking basically means where people can connect to each other and share Videos, Pics and discuss different issues. Few months ago we also seen that some of these popular Social Networking websites specially Facebook also supported Anti Islamic Blasphemous Content. They also given no Importance to Protest of Muslims and continued to support such content.

Watching This situation Many Muslims Boycotted the Facebook forever and deleted their Accounts from Facebook. At Same time Many Muslims Web developers also launched some Muslim Social Networking Websites in Response To Facebook so that the people that have Boycotted Facebook can Join These Muslim Social Networking Websites. So If you are also among those People that have Boycotted Facebook you can also these Muslim Social Networking Websites that i am going to mention below. Although there are several hundred such websites have came into Existence but i am going to mention some of the best below.
Moslem space
2 Iqra Nation
3 Muslim Networks
4 Muslimica
5 Millat Facebook
So these are five amazing Muslim Social Networking Websites that you should try to connect to People around the Globe.
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