Tips to Earn Halal Income online

Struggling to Earn Halal income is also a Virtue in Islam while Earning Money from Haram ways is a big sin in Islam such as interest, gambling or Fraud ways. Also there are many bad effects of Haram Income and according to Hadith Dua of that person is also not accepted who Earns money by Haram ways. Today i will be writing on the topic of Earning Halal Money online.

These days when rate of unemployment is increasing, rates of necessities are also increasing lot of people are looking for the ways of Earning Halal money because they don,t get a Job. While use of Internet is also increasing very rapidly and increase in internet users means more chances of Earning Halal money online. So today i will be discussing different Halal ways of Earning money online.There are hundreds of ways of Earning Halal Money online but i will only be discussing some best ways.

1 Earning Halal Money online by running a Blog or Website: Yes you can Earn Halal money online by running a blog or website. Make a blog or website on a Halal topic such as Islam, Computers, Sports and start writing on it. When you will make a blog or website there are different Advertising companies who will provide you there advertisements which you will put on your blog and will pay you for this. The good thing about those advertisements will be that they will be according to topic of your blog or website for Example if you have made blog or website about Islam those advertisements will also be about Islam.

2 Earning Halal Money online by selling things: Another way you can try to Earn Halal Money online is selling things online. it works just like a shop. you will build an online shop and people will buy things from you online and will also pay after which you will send things to their address. you can sell anything online. Last year a website was selling Goats online for Eid Sacrifices in Pakistan.

3 Earning Halal Money by writing articles for Articles websites: This is also a famous way of Earning Halal money online. There are different big Articles websites which will pay you for writing articles on their websites. you can write about any topic about which you know well.

4 Some other ways of Earning Halal Money online: running a video website, running a online Forum, Running a Muslim matrimonial  website. May Allah Swt help us all in Earning Halal income and save us from Haram.
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