Islamic point of view on innocent Killings

In recent years specially after 9/11 Islam is under attack. Everyday more than 3 books are written against Islam in which Quranic verses are quoted out of context and with changing the meanings and it is tried to show that Islam supports Islamic killings. there are thousands of Website online bombarding wrong information about Islam. We also see the worlds Islamic terrorists and Muslim extremists used on Media against Muslims. but lets see what actually Islam says about innocent killings.

Al Quran says in Surah Maidah whoever kills an innocent person it is as he has killed the whole of humanity and whoever saves a person it is as he has saved the whole of humanity. it is my challenge that there is no other religious scripture which says that killing an innocent person is like killing whole of humanity. watch what rules where told by Holy Prophet Saw during the war. Holy Prophet Saw said in Hadith "Do not lay hands on the old verging on death, on women, children and babies. Do not steal anything from the booty and collect together all that falls to your lot in the battlefield and do good, for Allah loves the virtuous and the pious."

Now some people will argue with me that Quran also speaks about fighting. yes its speaks about fighting but fighting for truth fighting for justice fighting against injustice. this type  fighting is also told is Bible by Jesus Pbuh. the Same fight is told in Mahbharat by Ram. i challenge anyone to show a single verse of Quran which talks about killing innocent people. while i can show you 100 speaking about against killing innocents and talking about Peace. May Allah Swt help everyone to understand the Islam correctly.
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