First Islamic Auto Wudu Machine Launched

A Malaysian company has made a Auto Wudu Machine last week specially for Wudu of Muslims. This Machine is made to save water wasting during Wudu. This Machine has made Wudu more easy, better as well as faster. Most importantly it will save lot of water that many people usually waste during doing Wudu. its an green color computerized Machine. while doing Wudu its is not required to to touch the taps because taps will active with water proof diffuser sensors.

Another amazing thing in this machine is that its surfaces are coated completely with Nano silver which will help in preventing the bacteria,s infection as well as contact fungal. another feature of this machine is that it will also play Dua while starting and after doing the Wudu automatically. But the cost of this Machine is very high $3500. the amount spent by the company while developing this Machine is  $2.5 Million. As i said above the main benefit of the machine is that it will save the water from wasting. This company will try to introduce to this Machine at Hajj for which they are discussing with Saudi authorities. May Allah Swt help us in doing Wudu according to Sunnah of our Prophet Saw without wasting the water.
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