Hadiths to Teach your Kid at age 4

a month ago i discussed the Hadiths of Rasool Allah Saw to teach your kid when he/she reaches the age of 3 but today i will be discussing some of the Hadiths to teach your kids when he reaches the ago of 4. following are these Hadiths:

1 The person who walks on the paths of getting knowledge Allah opens paths of Heaven for him.
2 meeting others with smiling is also a virtue.
3 if you can provide any benefit to your brother provide it.
4 if someone gives you offer of eating accept it.
5 when two people are discussing something don,t interfere in that.
6 Eat with right hand and after reading Bismillah.
7 keep your parents happy Allah will be happy from you.
8 Father is the middle door of heaven.
9 don,t do those thing that are not of your purpose.
10 when you are angry keep silence.
11 abusing a Muslim is wrong and killing him is kufr.
12 Munafiq has three signs when talks lies, when promises breaks it and do khiyanat in Emanat.
13 Doing Tobah from sins is like you have not done that sin.
14 Eat together it will bring blessing for you.
15 Allah Swt likes that person who has Taqwa, helps needy people and do a virtue to show people.

Teach this hadiths to your kids at age of 4. May Allah Swt help us all in taking good care of our kids according to Sunah of Rasool Allah Saw.
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