New Islamic IPhone Application is launched

Mobile and Internet Use is increasing rapidly specially in youngsters. Like other things Mobile and Internet can be used for good purposes or bad purposes they themselves are not bad things. you can know anything about Islam using Internet. Same way many Islamic applications keep on coming for Mobile phones. Holy Quran is available in Mobile Phones in less than 1 MB size. There are many other interesting Islamic Mobile applications Like Mobile Hadith, Kaaba compass, Prayer Timings.

A week ago a famous company IPhone has also launched a very interesting Islamic application for IPhone.This application contains different facilities like Prayer Alaram, Kaaba direction, Prayer times etc. the name of this Islamic application is Macca Locator. IPhone is not used much in sub-continent but it is very famous in Western countries. if you have a IPhone Download this application now because its really useful. to visit official website of Macca Locator Click Here. May Allah Swt help us in making correct use of Modern Technology.
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