Muslims under target of so called liberal Westerners

Today Muslims are called Fundamentalists and Terrorists and it is tried to show that Muslims are narrow minded while these Western Elements tries to show themselves as very Bright minded, Secular and good humans. Muslims are showed as Terrorists everywhere. But lets see some ground realities. Now its become common to make fun of Islam and Muslims.

how Islam is portrayed and targeted. They lose no chance of attacking Islam. Sometimes they Makes Cartoon of Prophet Muhammd Pbuh, Sometimes they bring such video games in which Muslims are showed as terrorists, Sometimes they bring such shoes in Market on whom,s back side Allah is written, sometimes they writes Allah on the cloth that is used in bathroom, sometimes they makes Kaabah shape Wine shops. They lose no chances of attacking and Making fun of Islam. Now my question is did ever you heared Muslims making fun of Jesus Christ Pbuh or writing Ram on bathroom cloth? then who is bright minded and humanity lover and who is extremist and anti humans?

same way if we see Internet making fun of Islam and Muslims is very common. go to Facebook website or other Social networking sites you will find many communities abusing Islam, Allah and Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. now my same question on Internet do you see Muslim's websites against Jesus Christ or communities again Ram and Krishan?

Every year Israel kills thousands of Muslims of Palestine but still Israel is not called Terrorist but Hamas is called Terrorist. 97321 Kashmiri people are killed in last 20 years  in Kashmir but the Indian army is not called terrorist  but the Kashmiri,s who picked up guns to save their mothers and sisters are called Terrorists. now you decide who is fundamentalist, Terrorist and narrow minded. May Allah Swt give everyone Hidaya.
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