Islamic tips to get rid of Depression

Depression is one of the major problem of present fast world. it is a dangerous problem with whom millions of people suffer due to various reasons like financial problems, not taking proper care of your health etc. Depression is a problem which effects every part of your life and health.

a person who suffers from depression always feels unsafe and tension. Islam is a complete way of life which gives solution for every problem of the world so today i will be sharing some Islamic tips to get rid of Depression. Follow these tips and i give you 100% guarantee that you Depression will vanish away soon.

First tip is that always offer Prayers five times a day. when a person offers prayer he feels lot of peace inside himself and it bring hims closer to Allah Swt. when i offer Prayer it gives me lots of Peace and happiness. Second tip is that looking towards those who are below you.

Many people gets depressed due to financial problems or less wealth as compared to others. instead of watching towards that person who has more wealth than you watch those people who are below you. it is also the Hadith of Rasool Allah saw. third tip is turning towards Allah and remembering nothing can harm you without Allah's consent. Remember this life is a test for hereafter and if you will face difficulties of this life with courage Allah Swt will reward you in hereafter.

Fourth tip is that while going out of your house read Dua of leaving house that is Bismilahe tawakaltu al Allah hi la haula wala quata ila biAlla. Fifth tip is that try to do works of Islam like doing Dawah of Islam, helping the poors, and doing welfare activities. Follow these tips and Inshallah your Depression will end. May Allah Swt give all those people good health who are suffering from problems like Depression.
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