Fatwa of an Egyptian Scholar against Facebook

A Big Egyptian Islamic Scholar Shaikh Abdul Hamid Al Tarash has issued a Fatwa recently against using the most famous Social network website Facebook in which people talk to each other. He has said in his Fatwa that Facebook is creating lots of Social problems in the society. He said that after coming of Facebook in last few years there is record increase in rate of divorces. So the Muslims who are using Facebook are doing sin. He also said that Facebook has destroyed the family system because on Facebook married Women and Men talks to other Men and Women which is creating lots of problems so its against Islamic Shariah.

Well i agree to some of the points of Shaikh Abdul Tarash but i also disagree with some of his points. its is 100% true that Facebook and others sites likes this are creating problems in society, increasing divorce rate and  destroying family system but Facbook can also be used for good purposes. Many people use it to do Dawah of Islam and other good purposes. i will give the example of TV. on TV you can watch an Islamic Channel or can watch bad things its on the use of the thing. same way Facebook is not a bad thing itself if you use it correctly so saying that Muslims who are using Facebook are doing sin is wrong. He must say Muslims who are doing wrong use of Facebook are doing sin. May Allah Swt help us all to use Internet for good purposes.
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