Weight Loss During Ramadan

Once again the Muslim World is ready to welcome the holy month of Ramadan Kareem. The Month of Ramadan which is so special for many reasons. Its a month which gives us chance to change ourselves completely. It brings us closer to our Creator Allah SWT. It creates great family environment and it provides us chance to do as much good deeds as we can and stay away from sins. Along with all these benefits Ramadan can also be greatly helpful for our health. We can get several health benefits by Ramadan fasting like weight loss.

Ramadan provides you a great chance of dieting that will result in weight loss. You just need to follow below tips:

1 try to avoid too much oily spicy food which is very common to eat in South Asian countries like Pakistan and India. In Western countries fast food is more common. it should also be avoided.

2 try to eat vegetables and fruits more in Iftar. Fruit Chat is a good food to eat in Iftar instead of oily spicy things. foods having fiber and protein are recommended.

3 Do proper Sahoor because it will help your body through out the day.

4 try to do some walk and exercise at night after Iftar.

5 drink plenty of water from the time of Iftar to sahoor.

6 try to drink Lassi or eat Yogurt in Sahoor. it will help to kill your thirst during fast.

7 don't eat too much at once in Iftar. you can eat some food and then for Maghrib Salah. after prayer you can eat more food. It will help your body greatly to not eat too much food at once.

8 Prophet SAW has taught us to eat by keeping some hunger left while In Iftar we often overload ourselves with food. you  will have to avoid this if you really want to lose your weight. I know its hard to control yourself when you were hungry for whole day and now there are many tasty foods in front of you. but at least you can try. don't prepare too much food.

By following all these tips you can easily have weight loss during the month of Ramadan.
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