Top Ramadan Apps For Android and iOS Smartphones

As the arrival of Ramadan 2014 came closer people are also searching for stuff related to Ramadan On Internet. People are also looking for Ramadan related Apps For Smartphones which can provide them all the details Including Ramadan Calendar, dates, news, tips and more stuff. 

Here are Top Ramadan Apps For Android and iOS Powered Smartphones:

Ramadan 2014 Kit with Calendar: this app is complete package. In it you will find Ramadan Calendar, Duas and timetable.

Ramadan Time: This app is by Appnotech and its a perfect one to find Ramadan times for different areas. It also gives you option of setting Alarm.

Laila Ramadan: I am sure sisters will find this App really Interesting. In this App you will find Ramadan countdown, recipes, prayer timings and Qibla direction. its available for iOS.

i-Ramadan: This is a Arabic Ramadan app for all the iOS users. if you know arabic then you must download it.

Ramadan Wallpaper: it shows you timings of Sehri and Iftar on start page of you Phone.

Ramadan-Eid: this app has lots of interesting stuff related to Ramadan as well Eid like Greeting cards, messages, wallpapers.

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