Questions Answers Related To Ramadan

There are Some questions related to the Month of Ramadan which are asked again and again every year when this month comes closer. So I Have decided to create a post about Most asked Questions related to Ramadan and their Answers. It clear many things In your mind.

Question: Will My Fast Break If I eaten or drank something in  forgetfulness?

Answer: No your Fast will not be broken if you eaten or drank something by forgetting. you should complete your fast.

Question: Will a person who dies In Ramadan Necessarily enter Paradise?

Answer: No there is no such Hadith which confirms this.

Question: Is it permissible to take part in sports activities during Ramadan? 

Answer: Yes it is completely permissible.

Question: Is Saying Ramadan Mubarak Biddah?

Answer: when you say Ramadan Mubarak to someone you are actually congratulating him. There is nothing wrong in Congratulating others about good things.

Question: How Many Taraweeh should we offer 8 or 20?

Answer: you should offer 8 Taraweeh.

Question: Should a person who is sick fast?

Answer: a person who is seriously ill can leave the fasts but he should fast when he gets healthy.

Question: Can we keep fast without eating Sehri?

Answer: yes you can keep fast without doing Sehri. but if you have food available then you should do Sehri because Its a Sunnah.

Question: Should a pregnant women fast?

Answer: a pregnant women who fears that fasting can harm her or her child should not fast otherwise she should fast.

Question: Can I give blood sample during fast?

Answer: yes you can it will not effect your fast.

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to Ramadan Which I have answered. Hopefully these will be useful for all the readers.
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