20 Facts About Ramadan

Ok people here I am with another article about Ramadan and the reason for writing so many articles on this topic is Increasing awareness among people about this holy month. In this Post I am going to write some Interesting Ramadan Facts which many people might not have known.

1 Ramadan Is 9th month In Islamic Calendar and is considered the most holiest one.

2 First verse of Quran was revealed In Ramadan.

3 Ramadan fasting does not means only to stay away from eating and drinking but all kinds of bad deeds like abusing, lying, cheating etc.

4 physically and mentally ill people are exempted from fasting in Ramadan.

5 Children who have not reached puberty yet are exempted from fasting.

6 every year Ramadan comes 11 days earlier from last year according to Gregorian calendar

7 In Ramadan life changes completely and people concentrate more on praying and good deeds instead of economic activities.

8 In Ramadan Muslims do more charity than any other month.

9 In Ramadan large no. of people go to Makkah for Umrah.

10 people gives Ramadan parties to each other and sends foods to their neighbours. 

11 Its also a month of joy for poor people because in this month People gives lots of food and charity to needy people. 

12 most of people opens Ramadan fast with date. 

13 at end of Ramadan Muslims celebrate the festival of Eid Ul Fitr.

14 In this month a special prayer called Taraweeh is offered every day after Isha Salah.

15 last 10 days of Ramadan contains one night called Laylatul-Qadr which is better than a thousand nights.

16 the first battle Badr also taken place in Ramadan.

17 Muslims taken over Makkah victoriously in this month.

18 too much generosity and hospitality is seen between people in this month.

19 fasting is considered good for many diseases Including diabetes.

20 Ramadan starts by sighting the moon and it does not start on same date everywhere in the world. 

So these were some of amazing facts about the blessed month. I hope this article was useful for you.
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