Top 5 Islamic Scholars of 2014

There are hundreds of amazing Islamic Scholars around the world who are serving Islam with their knowledge and Dawah. They not only spreads the Message of Islam but also Implements Islam in their lives practically. I Have prepared a list of Top Islamic Scholars of 2014 based on effectively how they are working for Dawah of Islam.

1 Dr Zakir Naik 

He is head of Islamic Research foundation and without doubt the best Scholar of Islam in present times. Thousands of People accepts Islam after listening to his speeches on Islam and comparative religions. Dr Naik is also running three Islamic TV Channels of Peace Network which are most popular Islamic Satellite TV Channels.

2 Dr Bilal Philips

Dr Bilal Is a Muslim convert who was born In West Indies and grown up in Canada. He has delivered hundreds of great lectures and wrote many books. he appears regularly on Peace TV.

3 Nouman Ali Khan

This young man is a great speaker of Islam who shares the message of Islam very effectively. He lives in United States and has Pakistan origin. He also founded Bayyinah Institute. His Lectures are really popular among youth.

4 Mufti Ismail Menk

Mufti Menk was born and brought up in Zimbabwe. He completed his Hfiz e Quran at small age and gain knowledge of Deen. he also studied in University of Madina. His Lectures are very popular on Internet and always full of knowledge as well as Interesting.

5 Yusuf Estes

He Accepted Islam In 1991 and later on start taking part in different Islamic activities. He is from Ohio United States. He appears on many Islamic TV Channels Like Islam Channel and Peace TV English. His Dawah is very effective and lots of people accepts Islam after listening to his lectures.
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