Shab E Barat 2014

One thing which makes me really sad Is that today's Muslims have stopped following Sunnah and Instead of following Sunnah Invented many new Biddah (Innovations) in the Deen and given those Biddahs name of Islam. The common Muslims who don't have much knowledge starts following those Innovations in hope of earning Sawab. One Such Biddah that is popular In Muslims of South Asia is known as Shab E Barat.

Shab E Barat is celebrated on 15th night of Islamic month of Shaban and its supporters claims that Its a special night and a person who prays on this night earns great Sawab. Some people even claims that all the matters of life are decided on this night.

the Supporters of this night presents the verse of Holy Quran Ad-Dukhan 44:3-5 which is actually about night of Lailatul Qadr.

Some Weak and Fabricated Hadiths are also presented to prove this night. there is not a single Sahih Hadith about Shab E Barat. Some people offers special Prayer on this night which is again a Biddah because we don't find any special prayer for this night in Sunnah.

another belief which is popular about people is that Spirits of dead people come to world on this night while the reality is that dead people's spirits are in Barzakh and they have no connection with this world.

Just see the name Shab E Barat. does it look like a Arabic word "Barat"? even name proves that its a Invention In the Name of Islam that is only popular among South Asian Muslims. Arabs don't celebrate this night.

Many People decorates buildings on this night. Kids do fireworks. its also waste of money and it has nothing to do with Islam. Let us all try to create awareness among our Muslims brothers and sisters and educate them to avoid this Biddah in 2014.
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