This Life Will Pass Away No Matter What

We Humans take birth and slowly we grow up as a child. After childhood we become adult. after that slowly we start to grow old and after that we die. this is the normal cycle of life while many people die within any of these cycles.

This is the reality of life. We born, become adult, become old and die. Time keeps on passing and passing very quickly and we cannot stop it. Every alive human being is heading toward death.

No matter how much rich we become or how much big post we get we can't increase our life even a single second with that wealth or post.

So it is clear that this life is temporary and it has to pass away no matter what and we have to die to sure one day.

After death we have to go in grave and after that we have to face Judgement day after which good people will go to heaven while bad will be sent to hell.

Heaven and Hell are the places that will stay forever. there will be no concept of death in hereafter.

So our real preparation should be for this temporary life or the permanent life in the hereafter where there will be no death?

Look at your deeds and routines of your daily life? have we done enough that Allah SWT will send us to heaven? and save us from hell?
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