Does Islam Allows Marriage of Cousins?

As we all know Islam has given clear guidelines about various matters of life. Marriage is also a important thing about which we found all the guidelines in Quran and Hadith for example how we should do marriage? whom we should prefer to marry? which are the relations with whom marriage is forbidden etc?

Islam also gives answer of this question that whether we can get married with our cousins? yes In Islam marriage is allowed with cousins. Allah SWT has said in the Holy Quran:

So in the above verse cousin is not mentioned so we are allowed to marry our cousins. however the above mentioned relations are forbidden to get married with.

Our beloved Prophet SAW also marred his cousin Hazrat Zainab R.A. Hazrat Ali R.A was also married to his cousin's daughter Hazrat Fatima R.A. so these examples are enough to prove that cousin marriages are allowed islamically.

many a times cousin marriages also proves to be more stronger than those done outside. some people who see cousin marriage as disgusting matter must remember the guidelines of Islam.
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