5 Tips For Muslims To Come Out Of Crises

Despite being second biggest population in the world the Muslim Ummah continues to face many crises even in the year 2012. Muslims are facing many dangerous internal as well as external problems.

By internal problems i mean that Muslims are having problems with each other like Sectarianism and wars with each other. Muslims are killing each other and hurting each other instead of being united like brothers. by external problems i mean the foreign threats that Muslims are facing from other powers of the world.

Here are some of the tips by following whom Muslims can come out of the crises in this year.

End Sectarianism: Sectarianism is proving out to be a dangerous disease for the Muslims. we are fighting with each other on Shia Sunni Wahabi basis while the Quran teaches us to be united and not divided otherwise we will be in trouble. Enemies of Muslims uses these sectarian differences to hurt us. So we need to rise above sects and just be Muslim.

Follow Quran and Hadith: We Muslims as a whole has stopped following the teachings of Quran and Hadith. Sunnah is no more important for us. Things declared Haram In Quran and Hadith are openly used by Muslims. this is another cause of present crises.

Get Modern Knowledge: Along with education of Quran and Hadith we also need to get modern knowledge. we need to make the education common. we need quality universities where scientific researches can be done.

Make United Organizations: Muslims need to make powerful United organizations of countries like United Nations or European Union. When we will be united we will be save.

Get Advance in Media: Muslims need to get advance in Media. we need our own TV channels that can face channels like CNN, BBC.

By following these 5 tips we Muslims can really change the situation for ourselves otherwise we will continue to face the hard time.
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