9 Best Muslim Cities of The World

There are more than 50 countries in the world where Muslim population is in majority. Muslims are 2nd biggest community of the world and also the largest growing. There are many awesome Muslim populated cities around the world that are popular for different reasons.

Following i have made a list of some of the best Muslim cities of the World.

Istanbul: Istanbul Is the capital city of Turkey that has many amazing places. its population is 13.5 million.

Dubai: Dubai is famous all around the world for its awesome buildings. its in UAE.

Karachi: Karachi is the largest city of Muslim World. its In Pakistan and considered commercial hub of Pakistan. its population is around 20 million.

Cairo: its capital of Egypt and biggest city of middle east as well.

Jakarta: its the capital of Indonesia.

Kuala Lumpur: its capital city of Malaysia.

Lahore: Lahore is a historical city of Pakistan. its having population of 10 million.

Makkah - its considered holiest Islamic city of the world. its in Saudi Arabia.

Damascus - its a beautiful city of Syria.

these were some of the most awesome Muslim populated cities in the world.
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