The Best Lectures of Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik is one of the greatest and most popular Islamic and comparative religions scholar of present time who has got the chance of delivering lectures thousands of times in different parts of the world on various topic.

Dr Zakir Naik has delivered Lectures on Islam and comparative religions, Religion and Science, Islam and Terrorism and many other Important topics. His Lectures are also telecasted on different TV Channels like Peace TV, Ary Digital, Islam Channel and more.

Among his hundreds of Lectures his best ones where following according to me:

Quran and Modern Science
Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?
Quran and Bible In Light of Science (Debate With William Campbell)
Concept of God In Hinduism and Islam (Dialogue With Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)
Similarities Between Islam and Christianity
Similarities Between Hinduism and Islam
Media and Islam War On Peace
Is Non-Veg  Food Permitted Or Prohibited?
Concept of God in Major Religions
Da'wah or Destruction?
Universal Brotherhood
Prophet Muhammad SAW In The Major World Religious Scriptures
Women Rights In Islam Modernizing Or Outdated

These are the best lectures the great scholar of Islam Dr Zakir Naik has delivered till now in his lifetime.
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