Life In Grave According To Islam

As we all know that this life is not permanent and we will die one day. some of us will live for 30 years and some for 100 years but one thing is guaranteed that death will come for sure. When we die we are buried in grave.

As Muslims we believe that there is a life after this life as well.  most of other religions also gives concept of life after death. Allah has said in the Quran "We will raise you into a form of which you have not the slightest knowledge".

According to Islamic belief Life in grave is true and a person will stay in grave until the day of Judgement comes and then he will be picked up from his grave.  Rasool Allah SAW said Seek Allah's protection from the Punishment of the Grave, since punishment of the Grave is true.

According to Islam when a person is buried in grave and people goes back the soul of that person is restored but that life is of a special type different from life of this world. the name given to that life is al-barzakh.

in the grave three questions are asked first of all by angels. Who is your Lord? Who is your Prophet and what is your religion? a believer answers these questions by Allah, Muhammad Pbuh and Islam respectively while a unbeliever gives the answer i don't know for all of these questions.

the believer feels comfortable and do rest like he is sleeping in the grave while a non-believer is punished.

Many people who would have done some good and some bad deeds. they will be punished in the grave and after completing their punishment they will get the peace and on day of Judgement they will be entered in paradise and saved from hell because they would have already completed their punishment in the grave.

This is the concept of Grave Life in Islam. Everyone of us should prepare ourselves for the test of grave and Judgement day.
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