There Is No Monasticism In Islam

Monasticism or Rahbaniyat means leaving the world matters and giving your entire time to religion like not marrying, not taking part in different events of life. the concept of Monasticism exists in most of the religion of the world like Christianity and Hinduism.

Like we see that Christian Priests not gets married or Hindu religious Pandits refrains from taking part in matters of life. But unlike other religions Islam rejects Monasticism. In Islam there is no place for Monasticism.

In Islam matters of life and religion goes together. you can't leave on for another. In other religions you are consider more pious if you leave everything for religion but in Islam you are more pious if you also live normal life and follow Islam. For example Islam has made it necessary to get married for a person who can afford it no matter if you are a Imam or Molvi or Mufti of Islam. and if you will not get married without solid reason then it will be a sin.

Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH stopped some Sahaba from living life of Monasticism. He told them to give equal time to wife, kids and religion. Prophet SAW told those Sahaba that your wife and kids have also right on you. Allah SWT also says in Quran "O you who believe! Do not make haram the good of things which Allah has made halal for you, and do not transgress; indeed, Allah does not like transgressors."

Allah SWT is our creator and he knows what are our needs? but when we will make our required needs Haram on ourselves then it will cause lot of problems. For We hear so many news of bad treatment with kids by priests of churches. the reason for this is that those priests not gets married which is a human need.

So we should try to keep balance between our life matters and religion. excessiveness on any side is bad.
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