Two Things Even Tony Blair Likes about Islam

Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom is among those Persons who where directly Involve in imposing two wars on Muslim countries and is not seen as a great Person in muslim world. Few days ago He said in a Live Talk show that "I really Like two things about Islam First Is Muslims Family system and Secondly the Zakat system of Islam and i wish that both of these things also come is our Western Society".

In West there is high ratio of divorces, Male and female living together without marriage and then changing their partners, Children don,t know who is their Father all these and many other things has badly damaged the Western Society. While In Muslim Countries we don,t see this there are very low rate of divorces and a complete family system.

Second thing Tony Blair talked about Is Zakat system In Islam. Zakat plays a major role in Ending the poverty and makes possible equal distribution of wealth. Zakat simply means helping the Poor needy people by the people who have wealth. Zakat is one of the five Pillars of Islam.

Everything of Islam is beneficial for mankind because Islam is given to us by our Creator Allah Swt who knows what is better for Humanity and what is not.
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