Tips to do Dawah of Islam online

Internet is becoming famous very fast. Everyday its users are increasing in thousands or perhaps millions. we can say that Future media is internet. Internet can be used for good purposes or bad purposes its on user how he uses it. you can use it for haram works or you can use it to spread Islam. its up to you.

I would like to Share some tips for Dawah of islam to non muslims online. Already internet is playing a major role in giving the message of islam to non muslims but there is more information on internet against islam. anyway following are my tips to Do Dawah of islam online.

1 Using Messengers chat rooms to give to message of islam to non muslims like Yahoo, Icq.

2 Using Social media to For Dawah of islam like Orkut, Face Book.

3 Uploading Islamic Dawah videos on Youtube, Google Videos, Yahoo videos etc.

4 Making a islamic blog for Dawah you can make a free or Paid like Blogspot, Wordpress.

5 Making a islamic website for Dawah of islam you can make a free or Paid website like 110mb, Zoomshare.

6 Doing Dawah of islam by Participating in online forums.

7 Writing islamic Dawah articles for Big articles sites like ezine articles, articles base.

There are many other ways too of doing Dawah of islam to non muslims online but these seven ways are the best to spread the message of islam.
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