Story of a Robber who converted to Islam and gave money back

I watched this news on Cnn news that few months ago in New york USA  a robber came to a store of a Muslim whose name is Mohammad Sohail. The Robber showed his gun and and demanded for money somehow the shop keeper took his gun and asked robber to sit down.

The robber sat down and started weeping that i am very poor and in extreme need of money. The shop keeper gave him 40$ dollars and bread and allowed him to go with promise that he will never rob again. The Robber thanked him and went from shop.

Now after many months that Muslim shop keeper received a letter with no senders address. He opened it. it was from same robber. Shop keeper found 50$ and in letter and it was written first of all i would say sorry at that time i was in extreme need of money i was hungry, there was no job, no money and nothing to eat. i was needed it to feed my family. i am now converted to Islam. you have changed my life completely. now i have a good job and money. i am sending you 50$ dollars that you given me that time. i am thankful to you.

After this incident Mohammad Sohail received hundreds of cards appreciating his mercy. Brother Mohammad Sohail set a very good example of mercy by helping the robber May Allah Swt reward him for this.
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