Some People Abuse & Make Fun of Our Holy Prophet Saw Online

I got a Question from a sister that some non Muslims often makes fun of our last Messenger  Saw (nauzubillaah).They are in groups and use abusive language if someone reply to their posts.There are thousands of communities against Islam ,they keep doing their awful work of abusing us, by seeing all this i don,t understand what to do.

we cant ignore this else what will we say in hereafter,and we can not even make them understand the basic truths of Islam, they just keep saying one sentence Muslims are Terrorists, now i don,t know how to react, what to say, and this is not just my problem ,many people arr facing such problem, and if they say something ,they have to face violence,hatred,arrogance,abusive language etc. so please tell what we should do?

Sister it is not a difficult situation, we need to understand how our beloved prophet Mohammad peace be upon him reacted against such reactions. Mushrakeen Makkah used to abuse him, they used to create many problems for him, they used to do whatever they could do to harm holy prophet Mohammad peace be upon him But Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) never abused them, nor he reacted aggressively.

Many Non-Muslims develop their understanding about Islam based on false information spread by Media and current Global Conflicting Situation, we should try to help them by developing a very friendly and loving approach to help them understand that their information is totally wrong.

More then the information which you will try to provide them, you will realize that they will get inspired from your mature approach. They believe that we are wild animals, and we are ready to harm humanity, no in reality we have to prove this conception wrong, let them feel Principles and Values of Islam through your Approach.

Yes, there are many fake profiles, and even fake communities, where people just try to have fun, in that case I will suggest you to simple ignore them, they will get rewards of their deeds and even if you have to talk to them, then talk with their most senior members. I hope it will help everyone.
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