Trust in Allah but Lock your Car

it is necessary for every person to trust in Allah Swt. without Allah's will nothing can happen even a tree leaf cannot move without Allah's will. but it does not mean that you don,t lock you car and say i trust in Allah nothing will happen to my car but you will have to lock the car and trust Allah Swt. it is  necessary that we try our best to utilize all those things which Allah has given to us and then we leave it on Allah by trusting in him.

It is Hadith of Rasool Allah Saw that Trust in Allah Swt but tie your camel in advice to a Bedioun who left his camel without tying and Rasool Allah saw was watching him and asked him why you not tied your camel and he said i have trust in Allah so Prophet Saw told him Trust Allah but tie your camel. i am writing about this topic because i have seen many people who do nothing but say i have trust in Allah Swt so i will succeed. Allah Swt says in Quran Kareem and that man can have nothing but what he strives for in Surah An-Najm 53:39.

In the end i will say try best with all the resources that Allah Swt has given you and Trust in Allah Swt and he will give you success.
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