Bollywood Propaganda against Islam and Muslims

Bollywood Indian Movies are playing a major role in doing Fake Propaganda against Islam and Muslims. In every second Bollywood film you will find a Muslim Hooligan, Terrorist or Gangster with names like Aslam bhaai, Zafar bhaai, Ghani Bhaai having a Islamic cap on head with Islamic red doted cloth on shoulders which is used by students of Islamic studies.

Bollywood moies tries to show Muslims as terrorists and Hooligans. Bollywood makes movies on Islamic Terrorism but my question is how many bollywood movies are made on whay happened with muslims in Ahmedabad, Gujrat? How many movies are made on what happened with Muslims in Kashmir by Indian army, or in Babri Masjid? how many movies are made on Hindu Terrorism?  Why these Double standards?

Even if in Bollywood movies try to show something good about Islam they show People bowing down to graves in Dargaah,s while it is totally haram is Islam to bow down to anyone except God. Left all things on one side even if you see prostitutes in bollywood movies they are shown with muslim names. it is need of the Hour for Muslims to come up in media and give reply to this massive Fake Propaganda that is going on against Islam and Muslims in Bollywood and all the international Media.
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