Happy New Islamic Year 1431 Hijri

Asslam Alikum Brothers and Sisters Happy New Islamic Year 1431 Hijri. May Allah Swt bring Blessings and happiness on all of you this year and end your Difficulties Ameen.

Muhrram is the First Islamic month. following are the 12 Islamic months.

1 Muhrram 2 Safar 3 Rabi ul awal 4 RAbi us sani 5 Jumadi ul awal 6 Jumadi us sani 7 Rajab 8 Shabaan 9 Ramadaan 10 Shawaal 11 Dhil-Qada 12 Dhil Hijja.

The Islamic Calendar is based on When Rasool Allah Saw emigrated with his Sahabas from Makkah to Madina. 1431 Hijri means Rasool Allah Saw and his Sahaba emigrated from Makkah to Madina 1431 years ago. Islamic month starts with the new moon when it is watchable with the naked eye.

Today's sunset will be the last of this Islamic year so i pray that all your worries set down with sunset and new beem of new Islamic year spread happiness in your life. Ameen
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