Zamzam Water a continuous Miracle from 4000 Years

all of us Muslims considers Zamzam water to be holy and we bring it with us for our dear ones whenever we go on Umrah or Hajj. it flows from the well of Zamzam that is in the east of Kaaba in holiest Islamic Mosque Masjid Al Haram In Makkah Saudi Arabia. this well is flowing from last 4000 years and never dried. In history we find that it started flowing at time of Prophet Abraham A.S.

there is a special  Research Centre in Saudi Arabia that analyses the technical properties of Zamzam regularly.

Now let me mention some of the special things about water of Zamzam which makes it different from normal water.

1 drinking it not only ends thirst but hunger as well.

2 it is consistently flowing from 4000 years and never dried.

3 the water has many health benefits due to special ingredients and elements.

4 vegetation and Biological growth never took place in Zamzamwell which takes place in other wells with time.

5 Rasool Allah SAW himself drank this water.

So drinking Zamzam water is mustahabb. we must drink it whenever we go for Hajj or Umrah and also bring it for our relatives and friends.
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