Oldest Quran of the world 1370 Years Old Found in British university

according to a report of BBC the Oldest Quran of the world has been found in the  the University of Birmingham UK that is 1370 years old. this oldest copy of Quran was taken to England in 1920 from Iraq. experts have found after research at Oxford University that this indeed one of the oldest copy of Quran that is written on skin of sheep.

David Thomas who is a professor at University of Birmingham has said that possibly this Quran was written by a man who was alive during time of Prophet Muhamamd Peace be upon him. he also said that this copy of the Quran makes this statement of Muslims even more stronger than Quran is present in its real form today as it was at time of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Dr Muhammad Isa another expert from British Library has said this is a great news for Muslims and exciting discovery.

Alba Fedeli who is a PHD Professor was the first who looked at the pages closely and then it was decided to do radiocarbon test after which this big fact was known.

Susan Worrall who is director of special collections at University of Birmingham has said that we are now planning put this copy of Quran on public display.

This copy is written in Hijazi script that is old form of Arabic. here are some pics of it.

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