Parents Rights in Islam

Islam is not Just a religion which contains some worships but its a complete way of life. It guides us about all matters of life no matter daily activities of life or rights of other human beings. you will find guidance about everything. Islam also gives great importance to rights of Parents. Our Parents faced so much difficulties for us when we were small. So when they grow old and we are adults its our duty to look after them. treat them respectfully, Obey them, don,t harm them and make dua for them.

Rasool Allah SAW said in a Hadith that the person whose parents are alive and he obey them Allah Swt will open two doors of Jannah for him and if his parents are not happy with him Allah swt will also not be happy with him. in another Hadith Rasool Allah saw said Paradise lies under the feet of mother. mother keeps us in her belly for 9 months and then gives birth to us after facing so much pain. then she looks after us when we are very small. our father works hard to feed us and fulfill our wishes. he protects us from all bad things.

Allah Swt says in Quran
"And your lord has commanded that you shall not serve any but him, and goodness to your parents if either or both of them reach the old age with you, say not to them (so much as) "ufff" nor chide them, and speak to them a generous word" 
(Al Quran Chapter no 17 verse no 23).

There are several more Verses of Quran and Hadiths of our beloved Rasool Saw which guides us about the rights of parents. I would like to say that Parents are beautiful Gift of Allah swt. ask those people the importance of parents whom's parents are not in this world anymore. and if your parents are alive you are very lucky. you should serve them as much as possible.
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