Jihad and Islam What Jihad means?

There is no matter if you are a Muslims or non Muslims you must be familiar with the term Jihad  because its a hot topic on International media since last few years specially after 9/11. Jihad comes from the Arabic root word Jahda which means to strive and struggle. in Islamic context Jihad means to strive and struggle in way of Allah.

Jihad does not means killing any person or any non muslim. but today International media is showing Jihad as killing innocent people. we often hear such words Jihadi terror, Islamic terrorism on media which as completely wrong terms.  Jihad never means killing an innocent person. Islam never allows killing an innocent person.

Holy Quran says in Surah Maidah that whoever kills an innocent person its like as he has killed the whole of humanity and whoever saves an innocent person its as he has saved the whole of humanity. There are hundreds of Verses of Quran and Hadiths of Rasool Allah SAW making it clear that killing any innocent person is Haram in Islam.

Some people today quote verses of quran out of context and try to show that Quran supports killings of innocents. but if you read these verses with context you will get the truth. its my challenge to anyone to show a single verse of Quran which supports innocent killings.

There are many types of Jihad. if you are striving in way of Allah you are doing Jihad. for example if you are helping the poor you are doing Jihad. if you are obeying your patents you are doing jihad. if you are fighting against injustice you are doing Jihad. but you are not doing Jihad when you kill a innocent human being of any religion. Its terrorism not Jihad.

May Allah Swt help us in understanding the correct meaning of Jihad.
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