Millions of Muslims Around The World Sits for Itikaf

as we have entered the last 10 days of Holy month of Ramadan millions of Muslims around the world are sitting for Itikaf in Pakistan, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries. for those who don't know Itikaf is an Islamic practice in which a person sits alone and only worships Allah SWT for 10 days. he stops doing all the worldly activities.

Men usually sit for Itikaf in Mosque and women at home. some people also sit for Itikaf for 3 days. any person who is mentally healthy, have Emaan can do Itikaf with the Intention of pleasing Allah SWT. the Intention must not be to show the world that your are very pious otherwise you will not get any Ajar for it.

As I said above its not allowed to Involve yourself in worldly activities like business, going to your wife etc.

those people who are not performing Itikaf should also try to do maximum worship and Zikr in final 10 days of the holy month because during these 10 days comes the blessed night of Laylat al-Qadr.
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