Women Education and Islam

Does islam prohibit women from getting educated? Does islam put restrictions on their choice of field? Does islam stop women from going outside home for getting education? These are one of the very common misconceptions about islam. Most of the non muslim world think that islam is not a religion where women could be educated. If they find an educated woman, they think that she must have revolted against her religion to get it. But the reality is far different than this.

It is islam which has allowed women to get educated. In fact, islam gave women this right to receive education. This is why world's first university was set up by a muslim woman in 14th century. While the non muslim world could get this right for women in as late as late 19th century. In fact, women could be more free in western society only in 20th century. Islam gave women their right to know and speak long long ago. This is why, when we open Quran, we see that Maryum a.s. Was also educated. The following verse explains this;
[003:044] This is a secret history: We reveal it unto thee, although thou wast not present with them when they threw in their rods to cast lots which of them should have the education of Mary; neither wast thou with them, when they strove among themselves. 
This verse makes it clear that islam never restricted any one from receiving education. Now let us talk about what one should know and what not. Everything, that benefit the society positively needs to be known. And everything that has the tendency to create and spread fitnah should not be promoted. If we see around us, we will find that our knowledge is very less beneficial and very much disturbing. Today, we can find millions of ways to deceive people in the name of business,and this kind of education is for no one. Similarly, people ave created many things that have never done anything good for humanity and that is also a no. but every aspect of knowledge has something good in it. And we all should strive for that good part. So, islam does not restrict women from studying, rather islam promotes it.

One thing that muslim women should do is, the should observe pardah in their way of learning. In today's age, we do not find only the female teachers. In fact, in every age, there used to be male teachers who would teach. So, islam tells women to observe their due dress code while studying. This does not only stop them from wandering to anything other than education but also stops the evils out their from harming her.

We see many a women who achieved highest level f success in their area of study while they remained within the limits set by islam. And there are many examples out their who could not get even the minimum level of education even with all the non islamic behavior. So, this non sense about islam and illiterate women is nothing but propaganda against islam. The women in islam are protected. They are not guarded by guards, but they are guarded by their values and faith. This is what cannot be found in any other religion or community.

West, which is now a so called champion of feminism has a dark past. West did not allow its women to speak. Its women had no voice till 20th century. And now, all of a sudden, with such a rotten past, west and the non muslim world wants us to “liberate” our women. This is nothing but a pseudo war on islam.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh said that “ every muslim is bound to acquire knowledge”. This hadith further clarifies the lies and myths about islam and the women in islam. Islam believes in a progressive and positive society. And that cannot be possible if half of our society remains without knowledge.
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