How should we spend Life?

life is the biggest blessing of Allah swt. It is the most precious gift we have got. Life is the biggest chance to prove our love and our iman. To lead life in a successful way is what we are required to do. But we are created on the formula of free will, i.e. we are free to choose whatever option we find acceptable. This is why our life is also a challenge at the same time.

Allah swt has told us everything that we need to do to lead a successful life. In islam, the concept of successful life is very different from what we think it is. A successful life for a muslim is a life where we ensures with all his deeds, the success of the life coming up next. Allah swt has told us every thing that we need to do in order to achieve the success. He sent our beloved messenger to not only preach islam but He also made prophet Muhammad pbuh an example to be followed. Prophet Muhammad pbuh is our best example. His (pbuh) life, his (pbuh) character and everything contains wisdom and meaning.

Most of us know what we should do to earn Allah's happiness and pleasure in this life and in the hereafter. But there are few things that we need to keep in mind in our plans of life. Allah swt will not only ask us about our deeds, but He swt will also ask us about everything we were given in this life. Prophet Muhammad pbuh said;
“A man will not be able to move until he is asked about his life. That how he spent his life? What did he practice on his knowledge? From where did he earn? On what did he spend? And how did he use his body” 
(sunan tirmidhi: 2417)

This hadith tells us how much life is importance. Unfortunately, most of us spend our energies on doing good deeds while the real essence of goodness is never known to most of us. This hadith tell us first that we will be asked about the pattern of our life, how we spent it, what did we do to it. And then we will be asked about our knowledge. This knowledge is the knowledge of islam. And upon this knowledge is based our actions and our good deeds. If our goodness is not coming from islam, then this is the point of concern. In this age, most people would like to be good with others but as soon as they are asked to act on islam, they dislike it or say that islam is their personal matter.

Indeed islam is the personal matter, but knowledge of islam and practicing it is also very important. Maybe, one good islamic act from us inspire many others towards islam. Than this hadith tells us that our earnings will be questioned. Now a man who offers salah, observes fasts, pays zakah and does all the good things but does not care about his earnings, will be held responsible for them. So our earnings are also a matter of concern. Try never to earn even a penny which is illegal or which you are paid for, for that work which you have not done. Many such schemes are very popular these days which trap people to get money for nothing. Next question will be asked about our spending. Miser as well as a spend thrift people are not liked in islam. Islam tells us to spend on our family first and then on others. Islam does not encourage us to save while other starve and to spend so much that one does not have anything. And last question would be about our body.

Health is wealth. And this is true. When we are young and energetic, we can do lots of work with zeal and interest. Plus, adopting a life style where we hurt our own body is also an act which is not liked. Infact, it is mentioned in a sahih hadith that too much ibadah is also not liked because too much ibadah means burdening oneself too much. So islam tells us that our health is also our responsibility. This is why all those food and life styles which hurt humans physically as well as mentally are forbidden.

Life is very important. It is not just a time period we have to pass, but it is a full responsibility itself. And everything we intend to do in it is also responsibility. Islam tells us to spend life wisely.
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